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Facial Recognition

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Facial Recognition You Can Trust


Identity Verification on Your Terms with CyberloQ

Host CyberloQ’s Facial Recognition API, Powered by Kairos, on your own servers – or in the cloud – for ultimate control of data, security and privacy. Our goal is to help you create safer, more secure, and highly accessible experiences for you and your customers, no matter what industry you’re in.

CyberloQ – in combination with facial recognition technology – is a veritable “silver bullet” in preventing identity theft and fraud. Facial recognition essentially replaces you PIN and/or password, creating an additional layer of security to make identity theft all but impossible.

Navigating the Identity Economy

Freedom of movement. Access to Money. Social Connectivity. It’s all part and parcel of today’s online Identity Economy. But this globalized, digital, on-demand culture is built around one critical aspect: Digital Identity.

Whether it’s accessing a bank account or logging into a social network, digital identity protection is essential to the ongoing functioning of the Identity Economy. And with facial recognition technology, users that log into CyberloQ can securely – and easily – verify their identity without any PINS, passwords or additional security questions to answer.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Our facial recognition technology can be used on its own, or in combination with CyberloQ. This goes for industries across the board like Healthcare, Government, Fintech, and Higher Education. We’ve taken the concept of Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and built an additional – virtually impenetrable – layer around digital identity using facial recognition.

Our API also enables developers and businesses to easily build facial recognition into a variety of software products and services. And by upgrading CyberloQ with facial recognition, you’ll be able to transform your use case with some of the following features:

• Identity Verification
• Anti-Fraud & KYC
• Frictionless Payments
• Video & Image Analytics
• Time Clock & Attendance
• MFA Login & Signup

Finally, CyberloQ’s facial recognition functions ethically on an active API – meaning we don’t use, keep, or store any user’s Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Iron Clad Digital Identity

By using CyberloQ facial recognition, businesses can be prepared to meet emerging cybersecurity threats in the new Identity Economy that will be critical in maintaining the trust of customers, regulators, and the general public.

Grounded in 30+ years of experience providing domestic and international cybersecurity services for industries across the board, CyberloQ is now offering facial recognition technology, designed specifically to provide a solution for proactive, real-time control of digital identity for organizations in both the public and private sector.

It’s time to ditch those PINs and passwords, and embrace secure facial recognition technology to prevent digital identity fraud in today’s – and tomorrow’s – Identity Economy.

“The advantage we found with facial recognition is in the way the technology is exposed, which allowed us to apply additional intelligence for maximizing results.”

— Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO

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