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Vigilant Identity Defense

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle

– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

With CyberloQ for mobile devices, you take the best of breed in Identity Governance wherever you go. CyberloQ utilizes highly encrypted, secure Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to protect sensitive information like databases, bank accounts, and credit cards. CyberloQ’s unique advantage is the ability to manage multiple accounts within the application and utilize access points from wherever authenticated users need to gain access. Whether it’s your laptop computer, tablet or via a smartphone, CyberloQ’s “Always Off” default functionality ensures that dark web will be unable to use any PII or PHI online or at a POS system without the user’s PIN, unique mobile device ID and geographic location. CyberloQ can also be used as a single sign-on eliminating additional website logins and associated forgotten password issues – it allows users to log into all their accounts with the ultra-security CyberloQ Mobile app.

Geofence users, are limited where authenticated mobile logins and transactions can occur. Administrators can also customize CyberloQ mobile, with the ability to receive SMS push alerts detailing account activity/activations. Simply adjust the Geofence perimeter from a smartphone and create a virtual fence around a designated “safe zone.” If an authorized account user happens to lose their smartphone, they will still be able to access CyberloQ Mobile via a telephone land line or web portal by way of CyberloQ’s secure MFA process.

Whether it’s bank cards, websites or databases, the CyberloQ Mobile application can be securely operated from our secure cloud servers, or easily installed on yours. CyberloQ Mobile runs autonomously, and our API’s can also be integrated into your exiting app system.

Take CyberloQ with you wherever you go for the only enterprise identity governance and access management application available with 24/7 perimeter security.

Why wait when you can trial CyberloQ for FREE today?  Contact us here online for more information and we’ll help you get started with your new cybersecurity strategy today.

Secure Your Cyber Perimeter

CyberloQ™ is grounded in over 30 years of experience providing domestic and international cybersecurity services. Our patent-pending technology is uniquely designed to provide a proactive solution for real-time control of identity governance and protection of information assets.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities secure their patient data with CyberloQ.


Compliant, multi-factor authentication for the Healthcare Industry

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From payments to online banking, keep your customer’s financial data secure.


Keep credit card, banking, and other PII secure with CyberloQ

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Enterprise level security for the world’s largest corporations and organizations

Fortune 1000

Protect proprietary, sensitive data at every level within your organization

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Higher educational institutions are now prime targets for hackers worldwide.

Higher Education

Securing a Surveillance Perimeter Around Your Campus

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Blockchain hacking is real, and when it has occurred, it has been devastating.

Block Chain

Endpoint vulnerabilities, security key access, and untested codes all represent potential entry points

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Government needs an update in cyber security more than almost any group.

Government Agencies

Social Security numbers, tax information, and private health data are just a few examples that hackers would love to steal.

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