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The Problems...


Your credit card has been hacked or stolen so you have to prove to the bank that you have not made those new charges. Maybe in a week you will receive a new card with a new card number. You then have to contact every biller your old card was attached to and give them the new card number. You can now prevent that.


Somebody in your office gave out their user name and password for your database to friend who gained access to your system and sold your data. You can now prevent that.


Your 10 year old loads up “Grand Theft Auto” on his Playstation. You don’t want your 10 year to play violent video games. You can now prevent that.

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The Solutions ...

Financial security combined with peace of mind has never been more realistic than right now.

Fraud mitigation and prevention technology built into credit, debit and gift cards will inevitably become an industry standard, but in the meantime, there is only one solution to personal and financial security: CyberloQ, the All-In-One digital authentication and user defined security suite for the consumer.

CyberloQ is a mobile device authentication technology utilizing two step verification in an all-in-one approach to credit card fraud mitigation and prevention. This utility is designed for protection against financial loss and/or theft resulting from unauthorized card use at either Point of Sale (POS) locations or through e-commerce transactions online. The consumer driven accounts management tool enables cardholders to control when, where, and how their bank cards are used. Cyberloq compares the GPS location of the consumer to the location of the pending POS or e-merchant transaction and then queries the cardholder for authentication on their mobile device before allowing authorization. It even scrutinizes transactions while roaming domestically or internationally.

The rapid and exponential increase in data breaches since 2003 has made this topic a legitimate concern among consumers and financial institutions alike. Data breaches have metastasized into a dangerously world-wide phenomenon ranging from credit card fraud to medical identity theft resulting in financial loss, undue distress and even life-threatening possibilities.

Consumers today have a heightened sense of awareness in regards to financial security, yet they are still unable to take proactive steps to securing their own. That is why we are dedicated to the development and implementation of CyberloQ Consumer Fraud Control; a mobile app solution that transforms would-be victims into the gate-keepers of their own personal financial freedom and security. Within the app, users are empowered with complete control over the terms of their credit or debit card use with features that allow them to monitor card activity in real time, manage and control daily spending limits, turn the card ON or OFF to grant or restrict usage, and much more.

As technology advances, so does the ingenuity of those who wish to use that technology against us. Unfortunately, data hackers and malicious code writers consistently succeed in staying one step ahead of the rest of the world, thus forcing financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and the consumer to constantly play “defense” – waiting around until it happens to you.

Now you can combat cyber-crime by proactively standing guard over your assets with CyberloQ. When you are a victim of identity theft or a data breach once, you become a lifetime target.

Don't be a victim - consider CyberloQ today